Hanner-Sharp Post 129


 1 February 2024


Lt. Col. Michael Cheatham spoke of his experience in the Air Force and experience with the Joint Chiefs before receiving his current command at OSU AFROTC. His focus for the cadets is quality over quantity. He also related that his grandfather, recently deceased, was a member of the American Legion, and that makes his own recent membership more significant for him. Col. Cheatham passed out chain links to each of us linking us to his cadets. AFROTC Det 670



Gary Boyington made a presentation to Commander Floyd Branson recognizing Hanner-Sharp Post 129 for its service to local veterans.  Gary, a member of Post 129, hosts visitations with local shut-in veterans. Gary, and by extension Post 129, provides this important service with Post 129 providing financial support for the endeavor.


Marv Sandbek, Vice Commander West Oklahoma, spoke of an encounter with a Navy veteran of the USS Midway. Marv had seen this man on the street corner for years, when today he stopped to hear his story. The man had been homeless for 40 years after his comrade had frozen to death at a VA facility awaiting for the doors to open. It turned out Marv and the homeless veteran, Mark, had lived in years past within 27 miles of each other in Minnesota. Marv praised Post 129 for its open doors and vitality. He encourage all to meet everone with an open mind and listen to their story.


4 January 2024

Kellie Reed, Stillwater Airport Director