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National World War I Memorial, Washington D.C.

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Post 129 Legionnaires:

No veteran, anywhere, anytime, should be forgotten.  So some updates for you:  You may follow the progress of  building our National Memorial in Washington DC at: ww1cc.org/memorial.  Make sure you look at the videos of the new WWI Memorial…it is great.

Hanner-Sharp American Legion Post 129 Stillwater has made a $100 donation to become an “AEF memorial Corps Post” honoring Carter C. Hanner from Stillwater who was born 4 June 1878 and died October 8, 1918 at Mense-Argonne drive in France during World War I.  Of course Post 129 was named The Carter C. Hanner American Legion Post 129 Stillwater to honor Hanner.

Legionnaire you may have a loved one who died in WWI and would to donate to the WWI Memorial in their honor: 


The Foundation has begun the process of sculpting the armatures for the memorial!  See attached photo of Sabine Howard, world famous artist and sculptor.  Also find a press release of the AEF memorial Corps Announcement attached.

"Remember the Doughboys!

       They Deserve Their Own Memorial."

Gerald McClain
Post 129 Historian
Oklahoma Historian
Dept of Oklahoma, American Legion