Hanner-Sharp Post 129




Americanism Programs

Flag Etiquette

For proper disposal of a flag bring it to our post where
it will be ceremoniously and respectfully handled.



Flag Purchases


        Buy from The American Legion Post #129 Stillwater

·       100% Made in the USA

·       Top-Quality construction exceeds Government standards

·       Indoor or Outdoor

·       Low prices! And serve your local American Legion!

Support your local veterans as they serve your community!

Your Flag purchase gives direct financial support to your local post.

Hanner-Sharp American Legion Post 129 Stillwater, Oklahoma

Order your Flag(s) today:  Catalog WWW.AmericanLegionFlags.com

By Phone:  Toll-free 1888-453-4466 (Specify Post 129 Stillwater, OK)

By Website:   www.AmericanLegionFlags.com (Specify Post 129 Stillwater, OK)

By Fax:  1-317-630-1381 (Specify Post 129 Stillwater, OK)

By Mail:  American Legion Flag & Emblem, PO Box 36460

         Indianapolis, IN  46236-0460 (Specify Post 129 Stillwater, OK)


Right Price.  Right Purpose

American Flags by American Legion

Post 129 will earn 1 Point (10 cents credit) for every dollar Sponsors spend on American Flags from Emblem Sales (excluding taxes & shipping)


You may also call American Legion Post 129 and place order with them.  405-372-7262