Hanner-Sharp Post 129



Post Notes – June 24, 2021


1.  Save the date for Thursday, July 1st.  Meet and greet at 6:00 PM; Meeting starts at 6:30 PM.  Dinner will be served ($10.00/person).  Program: Girls’ and Boys’ Staters will tell of their experiences. 


2.  I have tickets for the Freedom 10 Gun Drawing.  Tickets $10.00.  (Drawing will be July 17th at the OK Department Convention.


3.  The National Organization will be sending me next year’s membership cards, so, be prepared to be inundated with renewal notices for 2022 after July 1st.  Once you pay your dues, the notices should stop.


4.  We will be getting new tables for upstairs (pancake breakfast) and downstairs (meeting room) to replace the tables we have.  The new tables will be made of a plastic resin and weigh less than half.  For a $10 donation per table, you could be a proud owner of history, not to mention a hernia. If you would like one or more of the old tables, either let Stan or me know, otherwise they will be off to Habitat.  Table dimensions:  2 ½ by 8 feet.  Weight: approx. 70 lbs.


If you haven’t been to the Post in a while, come on down and check it out.  If the flag is out, I’m here.


Summer has finally arrived, stay cool, 


Richard S. Opdyke, Adjutant