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September – A Time to Remember

 September marks the 6th month we have been confronting the Covid19 virus and its effects in our daily lives – the isolation, the masks, elbow bumps, the hand washings, 6 feet and inconveniences which seem to change hourly.  September has two days, which we might take a moment from the Covid19 craziness, to remember our POW/MIAs and our Gold Star Mothers.

 September 18th is POW/MIA Day.  Normally at our meetings, we observe the empty chair and remind ourselves to dedicate ourselves “to spare no effort to secure the release of any American prisoners from captivity, the repatriation of those remains of those who died bravely in the defense of liberty and a full accounting of those missing.”  On Friday, take a moment or two to remember our POW/MIAs and renew your commitment to our POW/MIAs.

 September 27th is Gold Star Mother’s Day.  The last Sunday in September is designated Gold Stat Mother’s Day to recognize those mothers who lost a son or daughter in the service of the United States Armed Forces.  In 2011, recognition was expanded to Gold Star Families.  If you know a Gold Star Family, please offer your comfort and support; if you don’t, a moment of silence or a prayer to bolster a Gold Star Family’s strength and endurance.


Richard S. Opdyke, Adjutant


Post Notes – August 26, 2020

  1. Due to the virus, there will be no September (Sept 3rd) Meeting.  Hopefully, we can meet October 1st.
  1. There have been many who have been in isolation for a long time.  If you haven’t heard from someone in a while, why not give them a call to say “Hi” and “How are you doing?”  I know they will be happy to hear your friendly voice. 
  1. Our Service Officer, Bobby Bryant, is seeing veteran clients by appointment only.  If you would like to make an appointment, call Bobby at 918-399-3026.
  1. That’s all for now.  Stay safe, stay healthy,

Richard S. Opdyke, Adjutant
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