Hanner-Sharp Post 129




Post Notes – April 23, 2021

1.   We have a meeting in May!!!!  Save the date for Thursday, May 6th.  Meet and greet at 6:00 PM; Meeting starts at 6:30 PM.  Dinner will be served ($10.00/person).  We plan to have the meal catered, so, to be sure we have enough food for everyone, Please RSVP the number attending by Monday, May 3rd by phone (372-7262) or email.

2.  May agenda: Constitution / By-Laws.  Those who attend the May meeting will be voting on the new Constitution and By-Laws.  You will be voting to either accept or reject the revised documents.  I have attached the final proposed Constitution and By-Laws for your review.  (Note: The revision to our 1967 Constitution and By-Laws was to align them with the National and Department documents.)  Please, don’t try to read these documents at the last minute or you risk being permanently comatose.  Reminder: You must be a current member of Post 129 to vote (i.e., dues paid for 2021).

May agenda: Nomination of Officers.  The nominating Committee will present candidates for the following Post Officer positions:

1st Vice Commander (Membership)
2nd Vice Commander (Public Affairs)
Executive Committee Member (2yr Term)
Executive Committee Member (2yr Term)

In addition to the nominees presented by the committee, nominations will be taken from the floor.  If you are interested in any of the above positions, contact Emmitt Pybus at 742-7043.  Reminder: To nominate you must be a current member (i.e., dues paid for 2021).  Nominees from the floor must also be current members of the Post (i.e., dues paid for 2021) and be present.

It’s time to get involved!  I know the Post hasn’t been very active for the past year, but this is about to change:  A vote on our new Constitution and By-Laws, getting ready for Post elections, the Memorial Day Ceremony.  Further down the road is the Pancake Breakfast and the Veterans Day Ceremony.

If you need the assistance of the Service Officer, call Patrick Clark at 918-397-2561.  At the present time, Patrick’s hours are by appointment only, so if you need help, give him a call.

If you don’t have a 2021 membership card, it means your membership has expired.  You can either send me your $40.00 check made out to “American Legion Post 129” by mail (P.O. Box 192, Stillwater 74076) or stop by the office.

I have tickets for the Freedom 10 Gun Drawing.  Tickets $10.00.  (Drawing will be July 17th at the OK Department Convention.

Somebody stopped by the office to remind me the Steam and Gas Engine Show is on May 7 – 9 (Fri – Sun) at the Steam Park Grounds in Pawnee. Gates open at 8 AM.  $10/Day - $15 Multi-day Pass. 

9. Reminder – Saturday, April 24, 10 AM there will be a clean-up party.  We need to clean the downstairs meeting room, kitchen, salad-prep and restrooms.  Coffee, water, along with some doughnuts, hopefully, will be an incentive for you to come out and have some fun. 

Some sad news.  Gary Nasalroad passed on Tuesday, April 20th.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.  My fondest thoughts are Gary and I flipping pancakes at the annual Pancake Breakfast.  I think there are still some breakfast jacks still stuck to the ceiling.

If you haven’t been to the Post in a while, come on down and check it out.  If the flag is out, I’m here.

Again, if you haven’t, pay your dues!!!!

Good health,  Richard

Richard S. Opdyke, Adjutant